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Camper is a European Cream Golden Retriever.  He was born on November 7, 2010 at Golden Creek Kennels in Durham, NC. It was a neat place to start his life. When we brought him home from Golden Creek on December 23, 2010, he weighed in at a whopping eight pounds. He met the entire family during his first week in the real world. It was good experience for Camper to spend a lot of time traveling that first week with us.  Now he can’t wait to get in the car or the RV to go for a ride.  He now knows why we named him “Camper.”


Camper in our Yard – 2 Years Old

Camper is an obedient and loving dog.  He loves completing tasks and would have been a great service dog. He knows where every item in the house belongs, and will bring it to us if it is out of place. At our previous home in North Carolina, Camper would go to the top of the driveway each morning, retrieve our daily newspaper, and carry it into the house.  If our delivery person didn’t bring the paper, Camper would just go to one of our neighbors driveways and bring their paper to us… I probably shouldn’t have told that. He enjoys going places where their are lots of people to meet.  He is a big hit at Clemson University where he visits all of our friends while they tailgate.  After some thought, it might be that he enjoys the food as much as the people in this venue!